Scientific programme

Keynote Lectures


Dr. Luděk Sosna (Czech Republic)

Planned tunnels on the Czech transport infrastructure


Milan Majer (Czech Republic)

The Ejpovice tunnel – planning and construction of the longest Czech railway tunnel


Prof. Konrad Bergmeister (Austria)

The longest underground construction in the world – the Brenner Base Tunnel


Dr. Vojtech Gall (United States)

The Gateway Program – the Hudson River Tunnel Project in New York, New Jersey


Pannel discussion: Preparation and construction of long railway tunnels

Construction of two high-speed railway tunnels with length exceeding 20 km is planned in the Czech Republic (tunnel Prague – Beroun on the tract Prague – Nürnberg and Ore mountain base tunnel on the tract Prague – Dresden). A panel discussion focused on related topics will take place during the conference with the following speakers:

Dr. Martin Srb (Czech Republic) – moderator

Prof. Konrad Bergmeister (Austria) – director of the Brenner base tunnel

Heinz Ehrbar (Switzerland) – former director of the Gotthard base tunnel

Hans-Peter Vetsch (Switzerland) – former head of safety and operation of the Gotthard base tunnel

Gerhard Harer (Austria) – former director of the Koralm base tunnel

Invited Lecture:


Heinz Ehrbar (Switzerland)

Selection of the optimum tunnel system with regard to the entire lifecycle


Thematic Sessions

1. Conventionally excavated tunnels

Session chairs: Libor Mařík, Dr. Pavel Růžička

Invited Lectures:


Prof. Robert Galler (Austria)

Challenges during tunnel construction and the installation of the equipment at ZAB – Zentrum am Berg


Dr. Davorin Kolic (Croatia)

New railway line Divica-Koper: project development


2. Mechanically excavated tunnels

Session chairs: Boris Šebesta, Jiří Smolík

Invited Lectures:


Dr. Karin Baeppler (Germany)

Current Developments of Mechanized Tunnelling Technology for Variable Ground Conditions


Prof. Michael Mooney (United States)

Artificial Intelligence and Physical Model Based Performance Prediction of EPB TBM Tunneling

3. Other underground structures, repositories, reconstructions and history

Session chairs: Dr. Richard Šňupárek, Dr. Jan Pruška

Invited Lecture:


Martin Knights (United Kingdom)

Future of tunnelling: influences, changes, needs and foreseeable needs


4. Geotechnical investigation and monitoring

Session chairs: Dr. Alexandr Rozsypal, Dr. Václav Veselý

Invited Lecture:


Prof. Wulf Schubert (Austria)

Recent developments in face mapping and tunnel health monitoring


5. Numerical modelling, BIM, research and development

Session chairs: Dr. Eva Hrubešová, Dr. David Mašín

Invited Lectures:


Prof. Bai Yun (China)

Deep Underground Space Development in Shanghai


Prof. Shahab Yasrobi (Iran)

Facing the jeopardies and the elaborations in the construction of a complex urban tunnel - case study of Arah-Esfandiar-Niayesh tunnel


6. Equipment, operational safety and maintenance

Session chairs: Lukáš Rákosník, Miroslav Novák

Invited Lectures:


Bernhard Kohl (Austria)

Prevention and mitigation of tunnel related collisions


Hans-Peter Vetsch (Switzerland)

The Gotthard Base Tunnel: safety challenges in long tunnels and consequences for operations


7. Risk management, contractual relationships and funding

Session chairs: Dr. Martin Srb, Dr. Jaroslav Beňo

Invited Lecture:


Ioannis Bakogiannis (Greece)

Design and construction experience of road tunnels with concession contracts