Scientific programme

Keynote Lectures

Chairs: prof. Matouš Hilar, Dr. Alexandr Butovič

  Radek Mátl (Czech Republic)
Planned highway tunnels in the Czech Republic
  Jiří Hrnčíř (Czech Republic)
Preparation and realisation of the line I.D of the Prague metro
  Nasri Munfah (United States)
Challenges and risks of Tunneling in Urban Areas – Lessons learned
  Gerhard Harer (Austria)
Possibilities and limitations of modern ground investigation on the example of long base tunnels

Invited Lectures in Thematic Sessions

Session 1: Conventionally excavated tunnels

Session chairs: Libor Mařík, Dr. Pavel Růžička, Michal Froněk

  Dr. Davorin Kolic (Croatia)
New railway line Divaca-Koper: Construction
  Petr Salák (Israel)
French Hill Tunnels: Design and construction of road tunnels in Jerusalem

Session 2: Mechanically excavated tunnels

Session chairs: Boris Šebesta, Dr. Karel Rössler, Dr. Zdeněk Žižka

  Dr. Vojtech Gall (United States)
The Northeast Corridor Gateway Program – The Hudson River Tunnel Project in New York, New Jersey

  Dr. Petr Makásek (Czech Republic)
Michal Babič (Czech Republic)

Railway junction Prague from the view of tunnelling structures

Session 3: Other underground structures, repositories, reconstructions and history

Session chairs: Dr. Richard Šňupárek, Dr. Jan Pruška

  Nasri Munfah (United States)
Design and Construction Challenges of Chinatown Station in San Francisco
  Dr. Davorin Kolic (Croatia)
Hydro scheme Alto Maipo, Chile: Design-build sample

Session 4: Geotechnical investigation and monitoring

Session chairs: Dr. Alexandr Rozsypal, Dr. Václav Veselý

  Prof. Bai Yun (China)
Data Mining of Earth Pressure During the EPB Shield Construction at a Shanghai Metro
  Prof. Robert Galler (Austria)
Investigations regarding the Reuse of Tunnel Excavation Material based on the Future Circular Collider at CERN

Session 5: BIM, numerical modelling, research and development

Session chairs: Dr. Eva Hrubešová, Prof. David Mašín

  Prof. Robert Galler (Austria)
Sustainable Tunneling – challanges for the design and construction of tomorrow
  Prof. Shahab Yasrobi (Canada/Iran)
Tunneling in super-crowded urban areas – Novel combination of mined and opened trench methods

Session 6: Equipment, operational safety and maintenance

Session chairs: Miroslav Novák, Lukáš Rákosník

  Martin Knights (United Kingdom)
A new Guideline for Tunnel Asset Management

Session 7: Risk management, contractual relationships and funding

Session chairs: Dr. Martin Srb, Dr. Jaroslav Beňo

  Heinz Ehrbar (Switzerland)
Success criteria and success factors for the optimal planning, construction and operation of large in underground constructions
  Dr. Monika Mitew-Czajewska (Poland)
Overview of communication tunnels currently under construction in Poland

Open Session

Tunnel failures - causes, risks, mitigation

Inherent to tunnelling, or in need of more diligence?

A review of common design and construction procedures and their attainment of reliability and safety. Are there still gaps be closed in common design procedures, the application of existing standards and guidelines? What has the industry learned from past failures? Which developments do we need to better manage uncertainties and risks in tunnelling?

Representatives from the international tunnelling communities from different backgrounds (clients, designers, contractors, insurers will share their views and thoughts in short presentations. The subsequent moderated discussion among the panelists and with the audience will revolve around the variety of technical, organizational and economical aspects and roles throughout project lifecycles.


Urs H. Grunicke, Managing director, UHG Consult, Austria

Karel Rössler, Tunneling expert, Metrostav a.s., Czech Republic


Giovanna Cassani, Technical Director, RockSoil, Italy

Gunilla Franzén, Vice-Chair CEN/TC250 Subcommittee “Eurocode 7”, Geoverskstan, Sweden

Michal Froněk, Technical Director Projects West, Czech railways, Czech Republic

Robert Galler, Montanuniversität Leoben, Austria

Giorgio Giorgio Höfer-Öllinger, Managing Director, Geoconsult, Austria

Katja Hüske, Project Management, DB Netz AG, Germany

Johannes Jäger, Technical Director, BeMo, Austria

Andrés Marulanda Escobar, Managing director, INGETEC, Colombia

Guido Nuijten, Senior Engineer AFRY, Finland